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Marie-Chantal Leduc

Marie-Chantal is the Practice Leader of the Consulting and Risk practice at BlockZero. With over 10 years of experience, including 8 years in the consulting field, Marie-Chantal has extensive experience working closely with senior executives, from smaller and larger private organizations to public and parapublic organizations. Her expertise combines strategy, financial and risk analysis. She helps clients define and realize their vision, mission, and strategic plan, carefully acknowledging and measuring risks and benefits.

With experience in and with smaller and larger corporations, she understands the realities of companies of all sizes, while owning best practices in her work. She works collaboratively with her clients and various stakeholders to foster growth and innovation. Marie-Chantal has further led several studies on the socio-economic impacts of programs and public policies, current and prospective states of industries and ecosystems, and contributing to the economic development plans and the support of the start-ups community.

Her diverse background allows her to approach any situation and problem with a unique perspective.

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