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BlockZero Advisors is a professional services firm founded in Montreal by Laurent Féral-Pierssens with the primary objective of responding to the growing market demand for emerging technologies such as blockchain innovation and digital assets. 


Our team is united by a common passion and desire to revolutionize the financial world through the transformation of financial infrastructure, digital assets and blockchain innovation.


Our passion, dedication and experience will make us the partner of choice to achieve your desired goals.   



Our organizational culture is based on these four core values that form the foundation of our decisions at BlockZero Advisors.



Our mission is to provide quality work, meeting the high expectations of our customers, thanks to our team and network of experts in the field.


Team Work

Whether it is with our clients, partners or internally, we work collaboratively as one team, valuing the ideas and opinions of all. And We support each other by providing feedback for continuous improvement.



We take pride in our work, which is why we bring rigour and a 100% of ourselves to every project, and stay true to our values. Our mantra is to never stop learning and never stop being curious. 


Inclusivity and Diversity

We give heart and soul to what we do, in order to give back to society.  We recognize that our difference make us better, and that we can learn from each others' differences.

Our Leadership

Our leadership is made up of dedicated, and experiences executives, representing the right mix between seasoned entrepreneurship and professional consulting skills.

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Laurent Féral-Pierssens
Managing Partner

Marie-Chantal Leduc


We are a boutique consulting firm with a vast global network of collaborators, with diverse cultures and experiences that allow us to tackle a wide variety of problems and provide innovative solutions. 


Let's Work Together

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