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Government and Public Services Leader

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Marc Lijour

Marc Lijour is BlockZero's leader in government and public services. An entrepreneur, researcher and educator, his mission is to unleash human potential in a world increasingly driven by data and digital technology. Marc has led technology policies and programs at the Ontario Ministry of Education, such as the revision of the Technology Education Curriculum, the launch of e-learning services for 2 million students and the administration of French-language school boards. He was instrumental in technology projects such as the revision of the provincial intellectual property directive and the launch of the first SaaS software tendering toolkit for Ontario's public and parapublic sectors.

Marc then joined the private sector to accelerate the digital transformation of every industry, first at Cisco's Innovation Center for Fortune 500 leaders, then working directly with startups as a mentor or operator. He has dedicated the last eight years to strategic consulting for various industries, notably at ConsenSys, then at ICTC to develop Canada's digital economy. Marc is co-founder of DeFi Toronto and French Tech Toronto. He sits on the boards of numerous non-profit organizations such as TechConn

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