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Webinar #1: Reinventing digital identity

Updated: May 1

August 24th, we gathered to explore a topic that lies at the core of our digital existence: digital identity. Digital identity is no longer just a buzzword; it's a fundamental aspect of our online interactions. Your digital identity represents who you are in the digital world - your online presence, activities, and the data associated with you. It impacts various aspects of our lives, including cybersecurity, privacy, access to services, and even our trust in digital systems.

The purpose of this webinar is to dive a little deeper into the world of digital identity, examine its components, understand its implications, and explore the technologies and solutions driving its evolution. We have assembled a panel of experts who shared their insights, experiences, and expertise on this ever-evolving topic (see above).

During this webinar, we discuss for instance about Decentralized ID (DID), also referred to as Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), that aims to empower individuals with the ability to manage and control the sharing of their personal information and data, while facilitating the participation of various entities in contributing attestations or credentials. A DID approach could also provide greater privacy and security for individuals' data, as well as improve verifiability of data and enable data minimization at scale.

Together, we also talk about the numerous organizations and governments that have been actively exploring diverse strategies for digital identification.

Enjoy your viewing !


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