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Regis Barondeau

Regis Barondeau

Market Intelligence

Régis is the Practice Leader of the Market Intelligence and Competition practice at BlockZero. Régis is an associate professor in the Department of Analytics, Operations and Information Technology at UQAM's School of Management Sciences. He is interested in the evolution and effects of technologies on individuals and organizations.

His current research focuses on blockchain technologies in organizations and NFTs, the monitoring of emerging technologies and more generally the adoption and impact of technologies on users and organizations.

Régis Barondeau, Brian Hobbs, (2018) A pragmatic sociological examination of projectification, International Journal of Managing Projects in Business,

Barondeau, R. (2018). La Veille Académique : Définition, Fonctions et Implantation. Revue internationale d'intelligence économique, vol. 10(2), 11-26.

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