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BlockZero Advisors announces strategic partnership with Webisoft

Montreal, Quebec - February 13, 2024 - BlockZero Advisors, a leading Canadian management consulting firm in blockchain innovation and web3, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Webisoft, a digital transformation and product development company based in Montreal, in providing an exploration and discovery package for institutions and businesses considering the use or implementation of blockchain and web3+ related technologies and innovations. This partnership strengthens BlockZero and Webisoft’s existing offerings to their clients, building on their respective expertises and experiences. 

Whether it’s for saving costs, capturing value, creating value, or all of these, the exploration and implementation of blockchain, web3 and other emerging technologies is a journey specific to each organization. Nonetheless organizations typically face very similar questions. The exploration and discovery package allows us to meet the clients where they are at in their journey, while providing the process and expertise to analyze different opportunities and prepare accordingly, with clarity.

Key elements of the exploration and discovery package include:

  1. Evaluation of the internal environment

  2. Evaluation of the external environment

  3. Needs assessment within the context of a project and its organization

  4. Project specifications

  5. Cost estimations

  6. Overall opportunity assessment

  7. Roadmap and planning

BlockZero is the independent trusted advisor to institutions and businesses to understand, explore, experiment, and evolve along their blockchain and digital asset journey and resulting digital transformation. Bridging BlockZero’s global understanding of individual industries and organizations’ goals, BlockZero’s offering ranges from executive tailored programs, to opportunity assessment, strategic planning, operating model design, impact analysis, and enterprise-wide risk assessments. 

BlockZero's dedication to the blockchain and digital asset ecosystem allows the firm to bring an up-to-date perspective on the evolution of the market, the value chain, the macro trends, the ecosystem, as well as the issues, risks and regulatory environment specific to them. 

Webisoft has established itself as a leader in the integration of blockchain, web3, and other advanced technologies, playing a key role in the digital transformation of sectors like finance, healthcare, automotive, and energy. Their approach is hands-on, drawing on extensive experience in these fields. This positions Webisoft uniquely, enabling clients, ranging from startups to large enterprises, to benefit from a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise that is adaptable to various organizational needs. Each project is treated with an understanding of its unique character, ensuring tailored solutions that effectively meet the specific challenges and objectives of their diverse client base.

By combining technical prowess with a pragmatic approach, Webisoft is a key player in driving blockchain innovation and adoption across North America, helping clients achieve growth and enhanced revenue in the digital economy.  

Organizations now have the opportunity to more readily access the companies’ combined expertise through a strategic partnership that facilitates the integration of their respective and complementary experience.   

To learn more about Webisoft, visit:

To learn more about BlockZero Advisors, visit:

About BlockZero Advisors

BlockZero Advisors is a Canadian management consulting firm specializing in Emerging Financial Technology Infrastructure. The firm is the trusted advisor of financial institutions, fintech, regulators, and traditional businesses in blockchain, digital assets and artificial intelligence transformation. BlockZero offers a range of services, including strategic advisory, operational advisory, deal advisory, risk advisory and technology advisory. BlockZero Advisors serves clients in North America and globally.

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About Webisoft

Founded in 2016, Webisoft is a software development company focusing on applications and emerging technologies such as web3 and AI. Based in Montreal, Canada, they possess deep expertise in blockchain technology, specifically with Rust, Solidity, JavaScript, Cosmos SDK, and CosmWasm. The company prides itself on its proactive and practical approach, actively engaging in the development of advanced blockchain solutions, including smart contracts, decentralized applications (dApps), and custom blockchain infrastructures. Utilizing the Cosmos SDK, Webisoft crafts interoperable and scalable blockchain networks, and with CosmWasm, the team builds secure, efficient smart contracts in Rust. This hands-on methodology ensures a deep understanding of each project's unique requirements, leading to tailored, robust solutions. Webisoft's comprehensive service offerings include blockchain consulting, development, integration, and the creation of cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges. By combining technical prowess with a pragmatic approach, Webisoft is a key player in driving blockchain innovation and adoption across North America, helping clients achieve growth and enhanced revenue in the digital economy.

Learn more about Webisoft:

For more information, contact:

Marie-Chantal Leduc, BlockZero Conseils

Phil Therien, Webisoft


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