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BlockZero Advisors announces strategic partnership with Fortris

Montreal, Quebec - February 28, 2024 - BlockZero Advisors, a prominent Canadian management consulting firm specializing in blockchain innovation and web3, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Fortris, a global leader in digital asset treasury operations serving institutions and enterprise businesses. Traditional organizations and emerging companies are increasingly globalizing and accelerating their operations. The rapid evolution of technology, coupled with the challenges posed by a dynamic global market, demands a new approach to financial management and strategic decision-making. This partnership lays the groundwork to our vision for the future – a future where businesses are empowered with the tools and insights needed to thrive in this dynamic environment.

The responsible development of the blockchain and digital asset ecosystem will necessarily require the seamless and gradual incorporation of key secure financial and operational software infrastructure, that will provide organizations with full control and governance over their digital assets, and eventually the digital fiduciary dollars. Fortris provides the enterprise digital asset treasury software to streamline financial processes, provide real-time visibility into global financial positions, empowering organizations to make informed decisions with agility and precision. Fortris already integrates with a wide variety of industry leading custody solutions, traditional treasury management platforms, ERP, payment providers, and tax reporting.

In the realm of digital transformation, meeting clients at their current technological stage is vital. Recognizing their unique position allows for a more tailored approach to support our clients throughout their digital transformation journey. This entails grasping their current systems, processes, and challenges and guiding them through a flexible strategy that respects individual contexts and paces. Simultaneously, it involves seamlessly assisting them in incorporating digital assets or web3 infrastructure into their ongoing operations.

BlockZero is the independent trusted advisor to institutions and businesses in their understanding, exploration, experimentation, and implementation of emerging technologies like blockchain, digital asset and artificial intelligence. Bridging BlockZero’s global understanding of individual industries and organizations’ goals, BlockZero’s offering ranges from executive tailored programs, to opportunity assessment, strategic planning, operating model design, impact analysis, and enterprise-wide risk assessments. 

BlockZero's dedication to the blockchain and digital asset ecosystem allows the firm to bring an up-to-date perspective on the evolution of the market, the value chain, the macro trends, the ecosystem, as well as the issues, risks and regulatory environment specific to them.

Fortris has solidified its position as a frontrunner in digital asset treasury operations, enabling organizations across diverse industries to seamlessly incorporate digital assets into their day-to-day financial activities. This spans from payments and payroll to general ledger and accounting, with a strong emphasis on prioritizing security and compliance in the overall offering. 

By joining forces, we're taking another significant stride towards fostering partnerships that empower our clients with the tools they need to embrace and leverage blockchain innovation and digital assets as integral elements of their digital transformation in a strategic and sustainable way. 

Marie-Chantal Leduc, BlockZero’s Partner, said: “The strategic partnerships we are building today are to ensure the market has access to the right expertise and toolset to adopt and integrate not only digital assets, but the digital financial infrastructure of tomorrow. Whatever the project, whatever the objectives, there is always a before, during and after. BlockZero’s partnership with Fortris is in that respect. While the integration of Fortris infrastructure is technological, the strategic choices, the planning, the operationalisation of it, and the assessment is beyond technological. Fortris has built institutional-grade infrastructure. And in that conception it recognized the relevance of the advisory services BlockZero provides for their clients’ journey.”

Noah Herman, Chief Revenue Officer at Fortris, said : "For the better part of a decade, Fortris has been at the forefront of solutioning organizations with the technology and expertise to capitalize on digital assets and distributed ledger technology, and in so doing, accelerating the path to digital asset treasury operations. BlockZero's domain expertise- namely, the transformation of financial infrastructure, digital assets, and blockchain innovation- aligns perfectly with the most pressing needs for and guidance around bringing digital assets on balance sheet and employing the technology to futureproof balance sheet operations around the globe."

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Marie-Chantal Leduc, Partner at BlockZero Advisors

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Noah Herman,Chief Revenue Officer at Fortris

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About BlockZero Advisors

BlockZero Advisors is a Canadian management consulting firm specializing in Emerging Financial Technology Infrastructure. The firm is the trusted advisor of financial institutions, fintech, regulators, and traditional businesses in blockchain, digital assets and artificial intelligence transformation. BlockZero offers a range of services, including strategic advisory, operational advisory, deal advisory, risk advisory and technology advisory. BlockZero Advisors serves clients in North America and globally.

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About Fortris

Fortris is a leading provider of digital asset integration services for enterprise treasury operations. Founded in 2017 by a team of payment and security veterans, Fortris gives organizations the technology and expertise to embrace digital asset transformation in a secure and simplified manner. This comprehensive approach allows Fortris clients to handle a wide range of financial operations, from liquidity optimization to cross-border transactions, all within the digital asset framework.

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