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Building Modern Financial Technology Infrastructure together.

Based in Canada, BlockZero pioneers transformative solutions within the realms of artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital assets and industry 4.0. As your strategic partner, we journey through the intricacies of digital transformation in a changing world.

BlockZero teams up with founders and executives in building exceptional companies and creating ground-breaking products. Understanding the current customers, the global markets and modern infrastructure is at the core of how we successfully introduce technology innovation into traditional industries.  

We are currently looking for co-founders in the following categories:

  • Financial Products: Real Estate and Bitcoin

  • Distributed Computing: Energy and decentralization

  • Defence: Cybersecurity and AI

  • Healthcare: Self-sovereign Patient Data

Logo Rectangulaire - Noir - Blockzero.png

Beyond technology, our expertise spans strategic ideation, operational optimization, deal structuring and risk mitigation.

Add senior leadership to your team on a fractional basis:

  • Finance Executive, CFO

  • Operations, COO

  • Compliance & Risk, CCO

  • Product and Product Marketing, CPO

  • Technology and infrastructure, CTO 

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